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Colaba Workshop 2001, a wholly owned subsidiary of West Coast Marine, undertakes building of Sports boats, Sailing Boats, Dinghies and Work Boats. It has expertise of over 10 years in building strong, stable and sea worthy boats. Our boat brands include Sea-Bird, Sea Horse, Hunky Dory, Blu-Flow, Kashmiri Dinghy and Go-Dolphin.

Our work force is well qualified and has a vast experience to build a boat. The best materials are used and applied to make a boat by taking all minute things in account. Our boats are durable and requires low maintenance which always delights the customer.

Our Sail boats are well accepted by sailors of national and international repute and they have won many championships, Rallies, Regattas, etc. Our work boats are TUFF and long lasting. And can be used to carry heavy load at a single time. We also manufacture small dinghies which gives you fun and can carry heavy load compared to similar boats of its size.

We always look forward to here from our clients and try to give them a right product as per their requirement.

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West Coast Marine are also India’s Largest New & Used Boats Dealers, Yacht Management and Concierge Service Providers.

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