Pontoon Development Projects in India

Hyderabad Pontoon - 2011

UB Group Project - 2010

Goa Multi-Boat Parking System and Waiting Area - 2010


INS Jarawa Port Blair Para Sailing - 2009

As more and more people are getting out on-the-waters, the need of a marina is inevitable. However, at time, using a pontoon system would make sense depending on the requirements for use and location. One of the advantages with these is that they can be moved around in the vicinity of the same area; or you can increase the size through simple re-installation; apart from being cost-effective.

The Pontoon product and components used by us to form a pontoon system are an effective and efficient to assemble and no-maintenance. After understanding your requirements correctly, sufficient amount of testing and analysis is done before advising the best solution for your pontoon.

The Pontoon product and components is made from industrial strength high-density molecular weight Polyethylene HD-PE Lupolen 5261Z from BASELL in Germany. This material will never corrode or generate reactions with seawater electrolysis, chemicals, fuel, oil, gasoline, and is 100% UV resistant. The use of such pontoon systems is environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

By flooding the units the freeboard can be altered to suit different applications. This is also useful for extra stability when installing a permanent platform. All the individual cube units are marked for ballast purposes.

Apart from Recreational purpose, the pontoon systems can be used also for industrial and commercial use – and can sustain the weight of heavy vehicles, and machinery.

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