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Majesty Yachts are the luxury fly-bridge yachts with most innovative and dynamic design offered by Gulf Craft Inc. With an unparalleled extensive product range from 56ft to 155ft under one roof, Majesty Yachts delivers head-turning luxury yachts and super yachts. With exclusivity and an exceptional degree of comfort as the design goal, Majesty Yachts is relying both on a strong in-house design team, as well as on renowned Dutch, Italian, British and Australian designers, to offer each individual customer the ability to personalize his yacht. Constructing yachts under class supervision, performance, safety and naval architecture meet no compromise. Majesty Yachts, built on an impressive racing heritage, has unraveled long ago the secrets on how to successfully combine power maneuverability with ever changing esthetical design challenges. Ambitious as we are, with a critical eye for detail, we strive to lift the standard for comfort, interior finishing, fittings and amenities with every yacht we build, aiming to develop yachting truly in to a royal cruising experience.

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