Timeshare / Fractional Ownership

Time Share Ownership: Time share ownership is another apple in the eye option available for a huge armada of Fans who comply with our idea of exploring world on waters on their own vessel./yacht. Our aim is to bring you all you need to know about Time Share Ownership, including information, news and the latest products and offers. We’ll help you make the right decisions under our programme of Time Share Ownership.

Time Share ownership is a Witty Choice.

Do you believe in this statement “Sharing is Caring”. If not let us evaluate this? Shared ownership of a high end asset is a financially astute option. Owning a yacht comes with inbuilt factors – up front and running expenses for a depreciating asset that is unused for several periods of time. But most of us still want one. So unless you need your boat 24/7, 365 days a year, consider this option. It’s a great way to reduce your own financial outlay and yet enjoy ownership. Take care of your money and share a yacht with us under this model of ownership.

How does it function?

One more amazing choice which we at West Coast Marine Yacht Services offer to the boat lovers who comply with our idea of “Making Waters Heaven on Earth”is Time Share Ownership. In this concept the owner of the boat unlike in other two types of ownership (fractional and 100%ownership) does not have to incur additional cost of Repair & Maintenance, Management cost & Service cost. Thus the benefit in very simple words in this type of ownership is no additional cost so what’s your take?


No manpower cost
No replacement manpower cost
No maintenance and management cost
No monsoon shelte cost
No lifting, lowering and underwater hull maintenance cost
No spare parts and material cost
No insurance cost
The Timeshare ownership is limited to only FIVE owners on 31 HT boat.


Fractional ownership is generating huge amount of interest as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of its many benefits over individual ownership. Here under this programme our aim is to bring you all you need to know about fractional ownership, including information, news and the latest products and offers.

Fractional Ownership is an equity based asset ownership model, where there are infinite fractional shares assigned to each boat / yacht, with annual dues for managing & maintaining the vessel. This is a unique and intelligent opportunity in private luxury yacht / boat ownership at a fraction of the cost of full purchase. We only offer shares in vessels with an excellent reputation across the sailing industry, and specifically suited to the Western Coast of India. A selected group of owners will be invited to share each exclusive yacht, giving investors the freedom to enjoy a fully crewed yacht in some of the most desirable sailing destinations on the West Coast.

Fractional ownership is Intelligent ownership

The yachts are owned by the group and managed by West Coast Marine Yachts Pvt Ltd. Each vessel will be an incorporated company, and you will, of course, be presented with the company’s accounts on a regular basis and West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd will operate a policy of transparency as the company secretary, keeping the owners aware of all values, running costs, charges and fees throughout the program. Under this programme what is different is that the Operational costs would be divided amongst the equity owners. Now an interesting part would be that the risk factor is divided amongst the ratio the fractional ownership exists.

What is Fractional Ownership?

To ensure that each boat is carefully maintained and serviced, and that there is sufficient flexibility for owner availability, we a have calculated the minimum usage period to be 32 weeks per annum. Every Yacht has a maximum of 16 owners, with each owner therefore entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks of use per annum. The may choose any number of 1/16ths depending upon how much time you wish to spend on board. Once the yacht is acquired, there is one simple annual management charge to cover the costs of the crew, insurance, servicing and food, and thereafter the customers only have to pay for fuel, food and the wine and spirits that he and his guests require.

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