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When you opt for a pre-owned yacht it is advisable to know more about the various boat brands as well as their duration in business, quality plus their market share. It is better to gain knowledge of the various engines, whether it is inboard/outboard and straight inboard or simply outboard along with the individual drive units. If there is a particular drive or engine which might create issues in the long run it is a good idea to steer clear of it. Boat Prices in India start from Rs.20 lakhs/- onwards up to Luxurious Superyachts for Rs.100crore+. However keep in mind that acquiring a new vessel can be an expensive proposition.

Pre-owned Boats for Sale:

If you can find a boat which is only 2-5 years old and is in good condition, it is probably akin to a new cruiser and can be acquired at a much better price. Know more about the different types of Used Yachts for Sale in Mumbai; you can select the one which is apt as per your requirements. Lots of things must necessarily be taken into consideration when you are searching for a pre-owned boat.

Ensure that the vessel in question is well-maintained and is mechanically sound. Specialized opinion on the vessel’s engine, compression check and subsequent hook-up to a diagnostic computer for optimum results are the key requirements prior to purchasing a pre-owned vessel. West Coast Marine can take care of all of these requirements and makes sure you get the best boat in town.

General Advice:

Always test drive a vessel you wish to acquire regardless of whether it is a New or Used Yacht. Observe the canvas and upholstery for possible rips, tears and decrepit areas. The fiberglass gelcoat surface must not show any evidence of ‘dock rash’. Inspect the vessel thoroughly as a few deep scrapes might necessitate high-priced fiberglass repair. Purchasing a new or used yacht for sale in India or anywhere across the world requires a good amount of time, research and expert analysis. The decision about whether to acquire a New or a Pre-Owned Boat will be easier after a little homework and will also make you more confident in making your purchase! Contact us today and we promise you will surely find your Dream Boat this year!

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