The Nautitech 542 is the result of the know-how of the building site.
Very elegant and powerful ship at the same time, it won unanimous support during its first tests.

All Nautitech 542 currently left the building site are different : indeed, our force is also to propose a custom-tailored interior in adequacy with the practices of life of our customers.

The architect Marc Lombard put all his know-how in this new model.
The interior design entrusted to the designer Franck Darnet make a boat reaaly aesthetics and modern. In a word, a boat made to live and sail.

Test sail Maultihulls Magazine N° 149 by P. Echelle : The Nautitech 54′ is elegant, very pleasant to live aboard and sail; it displays high performance in its category  and offers direct pleasure to the helmsman.

This catamaran will probably prove to be an excellent ocean cruising boat.

Let’s say it straight away; the steering positions were amongst the most pleasant ever met…

During these two days, I helmed a lot, a sign of obvious pleasure, and appreciated the regular speed

on all points of sailing, which at sea will result in high daily averages.



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