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In our efforts to ensure that we offer best value to the pleasure-boating industry of India, we ensure that we associate with only the best of the world…
No one needs an introduction to the world-renowned VIKING YACHTS – family owned and operated, it has been honing its craft for more than 45 years. While some builders attempt to improve with every year they build, Viking has focused from the beginning on April 1, 1964 to “build a better boat everyday.” This commitment is unrivaled in the marine industry and is but one explanation as to why Viking is recognized around the world as a brand that is often imitated but never challenged where it counts most, out in the deep.

Sports-fishing takes the experience of being out on the waters to another dimension. The excitement and adventure associated to the activity of sports-fishing would only be known through experiencing it.
West Coast Marine Yacht Services is glad to partner with Viking Yachts in USA to offer its extensive and customizable to-the-tee range of sports-fishing convertibles and enclosed salons ranging from 42 feet to 82 feet.

At the same time, FIXTECH (Short for Fixing Technology) was started in Australia due to the opportunity of the market seeking a non-yellowing white marine sealant.
25 years of technology, and 6 years later, Fixtech have grown at a remarkable rate, with thanks to our excellent chemists, dedicated staff and loyal customers that tell us what they want.   Through our Fixtech offices in Australia, South East Asia and Far East Asia, and our proactive distributors from the UAE through to China, they are supplying satisfied customers a superior sealant and adhesive product range that bonds like no other, and supported by excellent personal technical support and the highest personal customer service levels, they aim to out-perform our customers’ expectations.
Together, Viking Yachts and Fixtech are 2 new entrants who would make a positive impact to the pleasure-boating industry in India for years to come.