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West Coast Marine is pleased to announce that we are now the authorised distributors of Coppercoat anti-fouling products in India.

An initial three-year agreement has been ratified following a successful meeting between Coppercoat director Ewan Clark and West Coast Marine director Jitendra Rami at the Seaworks 2019 exhibition and conference in Southampton.

A non-ablative combination of copper powder and resin, Coppercoat is both exceptionally hard-wearing and kind to the environment. It will adhere firmly to surfaces including GRP, steel, iron, aluminium and concrete, and its coating can protect boat hulls for up to a decade and even beyond.

“It’s a genuine pleasure to have struck up this new arrangement with West Coast Marine,” says Coppercoat’s Ewan Clark. “The company has built up a deservedly positive reputation for comprehensive and dependable service in India, and we’re looking forward to enjoying a fruitful business relationship with them over the coming years.”

“Coppercoat’s highly durable and environmentally-principled properties are particularly attractive to us and our customer base,” adds Jitendra Rami of West Coast Marine, a very well-known figure within the boating community in India who has been at the forefront of the industry for the past 30 years. “Our clients naturally want the very best coat-and-forget antifouling money can buy, and we’re only too happy to now be in a position where we will be able to offer them exactly that.”

Stocks of Coppercoat will be available via West Coast Marine Yacht Services to both leisure and commercial clients in India later this autumn.

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