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When the design team for IMG Boats got together, they had an easy plan to adhere to while creating ‘fires’ on-the-waters – Keep It Simple & SPEEDY!

Each IMG Boat – from mould to marina – have been carefully engineered to ensure that only the bare minimum of your valuable time is used to travel!

Finished in a world-class facility with water-tight precision standards, IMG Boats are made of the finest world-class materials and engineered on the lines of the popular GO-FAST boats that were put to use for their pure racing heritage, and by smugglers to smuggle cigarettes between USA and Mexico.

One look at an IMG, and the strongest visual character of the boat is the Deep-V hull, apart from the huge, ‘fully-loaded’ engines at the stern…regardless of being the 36 or the 40 footer version!

With twin 350s, the 36-footer can do more than 55 knots in calm waters, more than 30 knots in choppy waters and even maintain 12 knots in average 5 to 7 footer seas.
If top-speeds or the dream of ‘flying’ on-the-waters is your desire…then the IMG fits your bill just right!

More than the speed, there is a certain charisma that these boats possess which is irreplaceable…and that speaks more about the owner than about the boat!