Yachts for Couples in Mumbai

Sail in the vast Arabian Sea and experience a welcoming and peaceful environment that distresses, relaxes and rejuvenates your mind from whatever you have been through the day be it work related or anything else. The yachting experience at Colaba is like no other. Once you start sailing into the Mumbai Harbour from Gateway you will get to see a different view and a breathtaking side of Mumbai. You will also see some of the light houses in the harbour, which is sunk rock light house , prongs light house & dolphin light house.

You will also enjoy some of the seagulls gliding along with you , sometimes if lucky you can also find some dolphins jumping along your boat. So keep your Camera ready! You can also see different ships , yachts , fishing boats in the harbour. To make this experience more pleasant you can choose your timings according to the slots- morn (7am -9am) and evening (5pm -8pm).

So what you would like to do on board is completely your choice. Sit back and relax watch the drift by, chill with your loved one take some pictures make it a memory cherish it in a great manner so later on you can actually tell people about your experience and get them to also try it someday. I’m sure it will be worth it! Don’t miss a chance like this.

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