Gazing at the scenery from the fly bridge sun deck, bar barbeque Your Jet ski just behind you. No reason why you can’t have your 3 daily meals on this marvelous top deck. Living Life at sea to the full. Just tell your captain to keep heading for the horizon. With this yacht’s sea keeping ability and easy handling you won’t have to tell him twice. May be just once to slow him down. It’s hard not to get too enthusiastic with so much power under the hood.

Entering the saloon area directly from the Fly bridge you will find yourself entering into another world. With the poster like sea view all around you. The sumptuous luxury of the Split level Saloon and dining area interior with a meticulous attention for detail. May take you some time to adjust.

Coloring is rich and soft and the atmosphere breathes exclusivity. Sit at the bar or maybe you care to steer her majesty yourself to a secluded anchorage before you leave the comfortable helmsman’s chair and join your friends’ in the spacious lounge Area.

When the conversation turns soft and guests are exclusing themselves from the table, you will savor those moments before sleep with drawing yourself into the Royal suite that is yours for the entire night.

The guests disappearing into the other state room and 2 equally generously laid out guest bed rooms won’t be seen back till late in the morning when the 3 crew members will have long prepared the yacht for another day or pure bliss.

The design of the Majesty 90 gives the chance to customize the fly-bridge to either fit a dinghy, Jet Ski, or an even larger seating area.

Sleek in her design, and with an open fly bridge the Majesty 77 cuts an elegant silhouette on the skyline. With both an area for small water craft such as jet skis, and a catering/seating area on the fly bridge, the yacht offers a choice of relaxation or adventure to host and guests alike.

The Majesty 77 has a snug (yet uncrowded) feel to her living quarters with seating on both the port and starboard side of the yacht. She also offers a separate dining area nestled behind the helm for more formal occasions. Below deck there is ample accommodation for crew and guests alike.




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