Fareast 23R

The Fareast 23R has been designed to meet the need for an attractive and fast club racing boat. With the pedigree and the lines of her “bigger sister” the Fareast 28R, the 23R is just a bit smaller and therefore easier to tow around and launch from a ramp.

Fitted with the typical Fareast reverse bow and wide transom, the Fareast 23R sails easily upwind and can become furious in a good breeze downwind. Speeds in the mid teens are no exception at all.

A lot of emphasis has been put in a very efficient deck layout so that the boat can be sailed by any sailor. Certainly aimed as a grand-prix boat compared to the competition but by no means intimidating.

Built to the high quality we are now accustomed to from Fareast Boats, the design offers a generous ballast ratio of 44%. This, in combination with the high form stability but low wetted surface, makes the Fareast a stable but slippery yacht.

The demise of a backstay enables a very modern rig plan with square-top mainsail, and big fore triangle, but at the same time no difficult runner lines to be handled in a gybe.

Our designers at Simonis-Voogd Design have more than 20 years of experience with sports boats, and they know that when the going gets tough you do not want to be hindered by unnecessary rig adjustments. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, that is what the Fareast 23R is all about!


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