Fareast 26

The FAREAST 26 brings a breath of fresh air into yachting. This new entry level yacht set the bar high for those who want to compete with it on price, performance and quality. It is the ultimate sporty and easy to sail keel yacht, with beautiful lines so characteristic of the world renowned designs of Simonis-Voogd.

The FAREAST 26 started the successful partnership between Fareast yacht builders and yacht designers Simonis-Voogd. Her exciting hull lines and many of her other features are developed out of the many large award winning racing and cruising yachts created by the designers over the last 30 years.

This high performance cruiser has moved the goalposts, where quality and performance reigns supreme while maintaining its ability to meet all other requirements. It assures ease of mind and gives the sailor the confidence to go sailing no matter how the weather may change or how unknown the waters may be, knowing that he sets out with the best tools for the job.

Your interest can be racing or cruising, or simply a place to spend quality time with those who matter most to you. The flexibility of the FAREAST 26 design allows you to enjoy all that in one yacht. You can keep her in a marina, at a mooring, ashore or at home on a trailer, ready to go, whenever and wherever you want to go.

A well thought out deck layout and ergonomic cockpit design offering maximum safety and protection, the FAREAST 26 is a real pleasure for everyone who enjoys sailing.

The modern concept of the yacht with its raised topsides makes it a dry yacht to sail even in rougher offshore conditions normally left to much larger yachts to tackle. The FAREAST 26 makes sailing as easy and comfortable as it can get; from transporting it on a trailer behind your car to sailing out of the harbour, all can be done within half an hour. The moment you are on the water you start enjoying its excellent performance and ergonomically designed exterior and interior layout.

Comfortable sailing on the FAREAST 26 is not only about the ease of handling and the performance, but also means; standing headroom, ample hatches for ventilation (4), plenty of storage, five bunks to sleep, a separate closed off heads with a toilet and basin for privacy when needed and a cooking facility by means of a counter with stove which can be slid out of the way when not needed. On deck all halyards lead into the cockpit, only self-tailing winches are used together with numerous other extras which are standard on this yacht.

The FAREAST 26 is conceived to be unmatched in its class, set to outperforming the competition on all levels; quality, performance, comfort, design and price.

This state-of-the-art performance cruiser is quality in its purest form, realized through years of experience by the highly skilled craftsmen of Fareast.

Everything on this yacht is highly functional; nothing is superfluous. Critical components, such as the carbon composite tiller, the rudder, the lifting keel mechanism and the meticulously handlaid glass windows are all signatures of technical know-how and physical beauty created by Fareast. This has been in the Fareast DNA for years and has made them the supplier of choice to several Olympic and World Championship sailing teams.

Weight savings are achieved by using vacuum resin infusion in the sandwich construction which increases the strength, performance and longevity of the yacht. The yard strives for perfection in every way possible, evident in their choice of high quality deck gear (by Harken), rigging (by Seldén) and sails (by North Sails).

Fareast is passionate about our sailing yachts, aiming to continually improve the overall sailing experience. The FAREAST 26 embodies our vision for the future – building high quality yachts based on the beautiful and functional Simonis-Voogd designs.


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