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West Coast Marine Yacht Charters is India’s leading luxury boat hire agency. West Coast Marine Boat Charters specialises in Mumbai Harbour Charters and Goa Yacht Charters. WCM delivers luxury private charters, weddings and corporate charters, brought to life by a team of passionate and skilled professionals whom are dedicated to our clients and our ideals. As India’s largest charter fleet, we pride ourselves on providing world class vessels, offering personal service, innovative and creative ideas and attention to detail.

Set off on an amazing Yacht Charters Alibaug holiday for the experience of a lifetime. Its an idyllic getaway for couples, a memorable family vacation, a CEO’s day out, corporate board meetings, presentations and training programmes etc. You will be enchanted when the yacht reaches the high seas onto spectacular beach destinations such as Madh and Alibaug.

Yacht charters are certainly in vogue this season and it seems as if everyone wants to hop onboard as it is the ‘in thing’ to do if you are on the lookout for style or extreme adventure! Yachting is surely making its presence felt in the beautiful Mumbai harbour regardless of whether people perceive it as an emergent trend or just attempt it out of inquisitiveness.

Visit this mesmerizing destination with your friends or family and glimpse the soft lights of the light-house located close by, get unrivalled views of the breathtaking sunset at the horizon and savour the exquisite cuisine.

Yacht charters are in vogue especially among youngsters who would like to experiment. Explore the infinite options on the waters around Mumbai and you must do it in style!

With a series of spectacular beaches located within a short distance from each other Alibaug is an ideal destination for a short break particularly from Mumbai and Pune. Apart from the sand and surf you can also savour the fresh sea food which is prepared in the classic Konkani style as this is the highlight of a sailing holiday in Alibaug.

Alibaug beach is chiefly a black sand beach with extensive rocky stretches which gives it a romantic ambience particularly during sunsets with the renowned Colaba fort looming in the horizon.

Alibaug is a preferred destination for water sports aficionados and you can indulge in a wide range of thrilling water sports such as kite boarding, wakeboarding, sea kayaking, and scuba diving or simply opt for the traditional jet skis. All you have to do is find the right place to experience the excitement of exhilarating water sports in Alibaug.

Luxury yacht charter is a one-off lifestyle getaway experience in this day & age. The basic premise is to simply chill out with your friends and family and experience the lavish lifestyle of the rich and the famous for a day. So, opt for Yacht Charter Alibaug for the experience of an eternity.

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