Have it your way: alone or with family and friends. Either way, you’ll leave the wannabes in your wake with this exceptional cruising machine. Keep in mind, this boat is descended from the makers who have pioneered the sales of boats and yachts in this country now for 14 years. Drop by and see for yourself! Needless to say, it will rocket you out to the best in comfort and safety—and get you back to the weigh-in while the others are struggling to get home.

A top end of 45 nautical miles/hour with twin 300-hp outboards will outdistance the fleet. Throttle back to a more sedate 40-mph and you get a range of 180 US Gallons Fuel tank, Cruising 40 Gallons/hour – 200 Nautical) miles with our standard fuel tank. Combine this with our two bed room layout and you have one of the hottest family runabouts on the market. Name another boat that even comes close. It’s a SILVER CRAFT SC 34. Do we really have to say more?

LOA – 10.42 Mtr
Beam – 2.97 mtr
Draft – 0.45 mtr
Weight – 3200 kg.
Max. Power – 600 HP
Max No of people – 13

The hull of the SC 34 has beautifully graceful lines from the up-sweeping shear line, a stylish bow and a comfortable forward cabin and mid-ship twin bed. The boat looks to provide for prefect style and grace.
One can’t fault when one heads out into the Mumbai harbour bay with strong breeze and a  nasty chop at about 1-1/2 feet putting a white froth on the water’s surface. The ride on SC 34 would be the very pleasant one   with those high winds one would expect to take considerable spray but with flaring bow and two bed rooms, she would keep you as dry and as crisp when you got on board.

Silver Craft SC34

The deck layout is very unique with very comfortable seating arrangement  designed to have not just your family but also few friends, she can provide seating for 12 people with her standard top deck layout and yet have bedrooms available ! The broad cushion on bow deck is specially provided for the owner’s who like wind on face and at the same time gets tanned while fishing!
The top deck also brings in barbeque and refrigerator along relieving you from making multiple trips down deck the fetch – it trips and ensure undisturbed evening cruise with family and friends on board enjoying lovely wine and grilled gourmets!

Special attention has been given to cater to your onboard entertainment and comfort needs. SC 34 comes packed with 24000 BTU marine air-conditioning system, an uninterrupted power supply with 5 KW genset on board. The bed rooms are fitted with LCD TV and home theater sound system available through out the boat with on deck speaker system.