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West Coast Marine Yacht Services was the only company selected on merit from the Indian pleasure boating industry by the Italian Trade Commission as part of the Indian delegation for the first-ever Sea Future 2009 Exposition.
Held in La Spezia, Italy between 11~14 June it was an International event dedicated to marine companies
& maritime innovations.
The Italian Trade Commission, Mumbai organized a delegation for selected Indian Companies operating in the marine & boating sector to participate in this delegation.
Hosted at the famous La Spezia Expo Centre, Sea Future was the first exhibition in the Mediterranean area, open both to enterprises, research centres, the best marine & boating management companies, marine media and customers: it hosted specialists, distributors, engineers, designers and manufacturers of boating-related services, marine equipment and technology.
It was a unique platform to start up different kinds of collaborations and partnerships among exhibitors, manufacturers, stakeholders  (Universities / enterprises / Research Centres) and direct buyers to reach nationwide and international excellence.
A significant plus was the presence of the main Italian and international manufacturers, research centres and institutes, most renown for their fast-selling products and crafts, high-level technological and scientific know-how.
In its maiden year, Sea Future hence resulted to be one of the top events in Europe to open opportunities in business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer relations and possibilities towards the near future. Surely it was another feather in the cap for the pro-active Italian Trade Commission…