West Coast Marine Yacht Services is proud to present in its second year running the International Yacht Seminar conducted by Mr. Alan Koh, Sr. Project Manager, International Yacht Paint, Singapore.

Held on the 24th of July at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, the seminar’s focus was on some core topics about paints and paint application.

The previous year’s seminar was generic in nature to give users and applicators an idea about how paint is an important part of the manufacturing procedure for boats and the kind of paints and products that are available.

This year’s seminar focused on how to make the right choice for which paint for your boat, and answers to questions applicators would have faced in their experience with these paints – and a tad bit about osmosis.

International Yacht Paint Seminar with Alan Koh

With the entire yachting industry being represented by its key players and also the presence of skippers and sailors – the seminar gave an insight into how to chose a particular paint for your boat, and gave an impetus on the application process of the different top-side paints and anti-fouling.

The interactive seminar followed by lunch was a good platform to have many queries resolved of applicators and their experience with International Yacht Paint products.

The safety and well-being of your boat from the elements of nature are of prime concern and please feel free to ask Alan your questions on paints and paint application. Send in your queries to info@westcoastmarine.co.in.