FIXTECH (Short for Fixing Technology) was started in Australia due to the opportunity of the market seeking a non-yellowing white marine sealant. 25 years of technology, and 6 years later, we have grown at a remarkable rate, with thanks to our excellent chemists, dedicated staff and loyal customers that tell us what they want. Through our Fixtech offices in Australia, South East Asia and Far East Asia, and our proactive distributors from the UAE through to China, they are supplying satisfied customers a superior sealant and adhesive product range that bonds like no other, and supported by excellent personal technical support and the highest personal customer service levels, they aim to out-perform our customers’ expectations.

The Fixtech Range includes:

MARINE SEALANTS – window sealants, structural bonding sealants, teak deck sealants, teak deck bonding, deck to hull sealant, fuel resistant sealants, above and below waterline sealants, teak adhesives and timber glues
TRANSPORT SEALANTS – window sealants, structural bonding sealants, flooring sealants, fuel resistant sealants, finishing sealants, hardwood adhesives and timber glues
CONSTRUCTION SEALANTS – window sealants, expansion joint sealants, construction joint sealants, hardwood and softwood adhesives, and timber and joinery glues
Fixtech’s continued commitment to achieving a high quality product range is that we are always developing our range, which includes:

MS Polymer range of adhesive sealants – white, black and clear
Teak Deck Caulking – black and white
Window Adhesive Sealant systems for glass and acrylic
PU Adhesives for wood and timber
PU Foams and PU Gun Foams for sealing and adhesives
Fuel Tank Adhesive Sealants
Extra fine white 2-pack finishing fillers
A complete range of application tools
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