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The correct gear makes all the difference – you can now get Zhik in India. Experience the benefits of Zhik’s unique materials and design and.feel the difference through Zhik’s hybrid technology.

Zhik clothing made in a composite of materials is designed for the unique conditions of summer sailing. Zhik products provide durability and padding in a unique way to minimise heat absorption. In addition they specialize in products for the climates that are most like summer when all you want to wear is enough for UV protection while keeping cool. The Zhik product range is developed alongside a team of Olympic and World champions. You will find fast new products including PowerPads for hiking sailors, T1 harness for trapeze sailors, SuperWarm, MicroFleece and Hybrid gear for various sailing conditions. In addition, the company has also introduced Isotak for the ultimate in waterproof/breathable Dry gear. Everything is better here. WCMYS is currently the only dealer for Zhik products in India.

Offering a total of 15 products, Zhik makes available clothing ranging from women’s tees to trapeze harnesses, boots, gloves and racing gear. Each product is individually mastered and designed to promote ultimate performance of the sailor without sacrificing on either style, or safety. Scientifically created, these products are the top-of-the-line across the world. Even their boots are carefully designed to be super lightweight yet still give good ankle support. This boot sets new standards in sailing footwear. New manufacturing has lifted the durability while reducing weight, now approximately 225 grams per boot.

Enjoy as you sail above the waves.