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Within the Yacht Professional Topsides segment, the Awlgrip® brand is an indubitable world leader. The brand epitomizes the industry standard. Every serious yacht builder and proprietor is aware of the fact that an Awlgrip® job is an excellent paint job.

AwlGrip is an exceptional assortment of super yacht quality paints for specialized application. Awlgrip® has duly earned its repute of universal trust and respect in the yacht industry. This reputation is due to the steady technical innovation, stringent quality controls as well as the unmatched finish of Awlgrip products which have perpetually represented the standard against which comparable products are measured.

A worldwide network of extremely well-informed staff well-known for their problem-solving, hands on approach have made a noteworthy contribution to defining the distinctive Awlgrip® character over the years.

Important areas of focus for Awlgrip® include:

Taking significant steps to perk up health & safety for applicators for instance via guidance notes & demonstration video clips (on-line).
The provision of all-inclusive, up-to-the-minute information as well as support for the applicators at their ease via the internet.
Non-stop, new product developments which specifically aim to reduce the impact of the painting processes on the environment.
It is customary for Awlgrip to forge long-term relationships with their customers which also comprise recent product development partnerships. Due to these collaborations, Awlgrip is able to tailor the products to suit the specific requirements of the customers whilst maintaining reliability of supply and subsequently ensuring complete peace of mind.

The extensive array of Awlgrip Products comprise Topcoats, Corrosion Inhibiting Surface Treatments, Wipe down Solvents, Antifouling, Brightwork Varnish, Primers/Sealers, Reducers, Auxiliary Products, Interior and Exterior Clear Coat Systems, Fairing/Surfacing as well as Maintenance Products.

Awlgrip paints are totally lead-free and are recommended solely for professional applicators via proper safety equipment.


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