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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal and a Union Territory of India with nearly 600 islands. Of these, only 38 are permanently inhabited. Havelock Island, the most visited of the islands, with the most infrastructure, Beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and scuba diving.

Rutland Island is pristine, non-polluted and least visited island. Beautiful Mangrove forest and coral reefs welcomes you to the 274 island. There is also a 45 acre Totani Resort which has quaint little huts which can be used as a base camp for exploring the island. It is the ideal place for eco-tourists.

Five day Sample Itinerary-

Day 1- Arrival Port Blair

> Arrive into the capital town of Port Blair. Surrounded by green hills and blue sea it is one of the safest harbours in the world.
> Transfer to Haddo, the main harbour where you will board your yacht.
> Leave Port Blair and head north east for Ritchie’s Archipelago in which lies Havelock island and anchor off Beach No 7 (Radhanagar) rated the best beach in Asia (Time Magazine).
> You will spot everything from mangrove creeks to rainforest trails and even swimming elephants.
> Dinner at Barefoot Jungle resort at their rustic open air restaurant.

Day 2 – Havelock to Inglis Island

> Leave the anchorage at Beach no 7 for the eastern part of Havelock.
> Arrive at Minerva’s Ledge where for an afternoon of diving and snorkelling.
> Scuba diving and snorkelling with Barefoot Scuba.
> Minerva’s ledge you will find an abundance of marine life and many live coral. Visibilty in this area is about 10 meters.
> After the diving excursion sail to Inglis Island for overnight anchorage.
> Enjoy a 4 course dinner on board prepared by our chef.

Day 3- Inglis Island to North Cinque Island

> Sail towards the Cinque Islands in the morning.
> Anchor off North Cinque for the rest of the day. This island is separated into two by a sand bar which has resulted into a beautiful beach with white sand and the backdrop of a rainforest.
> North Cinque is rich in marine life and coral gardens.
> Another day for diving and snorkeling with Commander Baath
> Later in the day this idyllic spot becomes a perfect place for sundowners and a beachside Barbeque.

Day 4- North Cinque to Rutland

> Leave North Cinque for the Twin Islands and Rutland.
> The Twin Islands are covered with long stretches of pristine beaches.
> These are incredible diving spot where you will spot a variety of fish and other marine animals. Dive here with Commander Baath.
> After a full day of different water activities leave for Rutland for over night anchorage
(11 22.934 N. 092 35.428E)
(Iso Bath Depth- 10mtrs)
> The island is a national parks and can be explored but remember to help preserve this precious natural heritage.
> After a sundowner on the beach return to the boat for dinner on board.

Day 5- Twin Islands to Port Blair

> Leave the overnight anchorage for disembarkation at Port Blair.
> On the way stop over at Ross Island which lies at the entrance to the harbour.
> After returning to the harbour port clearances and other formalities will need to be completed before final departure.

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