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For all of us water-lovers the monsoons are always a dampener. Being out on the water is simply a time that heals the soul – a bare necessity for us Mumbaikars.

And with the opening of the new season comes new issues; let me take this moment to share some experiences on some of these issues that inevitably affect us all.

This monsoon we faced a major challenge with the authorities wanting to move all motor yachts and speed boats out of the Gateway of India harbour and into a new mooring area for security reasons – a potential logistical nightmare for small boat owners. But due to complete support from RBYC and the yachting industry we reached a compromise where motor crafts measuring up to 31 feet and sailing yachts would remain at Gateway of India, while the larger yachts have been moved into the new area south of Dolphin Light.

All of us are obliged to act responsibly to ensure that we can retain our moorings and cooperate with the security staff at the slipway. Please also see to it that your boat drivers move around in the mooring under 6 knots.

With the advent of the season comes the need for qualified staff to drive your boats. I urge every boat owner, club member and sailor – amateur and professional – to please ensure that your boat staff and drivers are professionally trained to handle such delicate maneuverings and equipments; after all, you would not allow someone without a license to drive your BMW.

At WCMYS we now offer you a programme to train your staff and eventually have them qualify for the RYA certification (Royal Yachting Association).

An exciting activity meant for all purposes – from de-stressing to extreme fitness – sailing is one of Mumbai’s fastest growing sports, and now you can register for a course online to learn it. Whether it’s just getting a feel through two weekend sessions, or learning the sport to participate in next year’s competition, check us out

On our website: www.westcoastmarine.co.in

Or simply register online at: http://www.kyazoonga.com/Sports/SportsHome.aspx

Alternatively, we offer 45-foot luxury sailing yachts by the master yacht builders Grand Soleil of Italy for day cruises and charters. She is a real beauty; and a privilege.

Knowing might be half the battle, but it’s still only half; the other half is acquiring the safety equipments and accessories to ensure longevity (both yours as well as your boat’s): life jackets, spectacle retainers and waterproof bags all from our Gill and Zhik counters.

And finally, the preparations for Mumbai International Match Race have begun. The third edition, this event will see skippers from the world’s top 20, and it will be a grade II event. For those who wish to volunteer time or just get out and watch the racing do call Cdr. Mahesh for one of the biggest events that India has seen in the yachting industry.

Lets make this a fun and safe season – see you on the water.