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Unlike all evenings, the evenings of 17th& 18th March at the Pier Radio Club was filled with the aroma of fresh grapes blended with the natural & Exotic flavors of basil leaves, mint leaves in the air & all then culminating dissolving and tantalizing the taste buds of every connoisseur of Wine…Yes undoubtedly the wine lovers enjoyed the evening by experiencing the extravagant and exclusivebrands of wines coming from differentwineries.

You say it and they had it all for everyone…..Georgian, Bohemian, the Sulla Wines, Red wine, White Wine, Sparkling wine everything was right there for every wine lover… As the sun dissolved, the blue sky with a tinge of mischievous red & tangy orange brought everyone on the dance floor together with Salsa beats spicing up the mood.

What was new was.Great Mumbai Grape Stomp – visitors will get an opportunity to stomp grapes. Approx 2 M/T of grapes in 4 large wooden vats over the two days. This was the first time in India a grape stomping event was organized on such a large scale.Kids enjoyed therompin’, stompin’ good time by grape stomping for fun. Kids & the parents enjoyed & had hilarious fun by dipping their toes into a barrel full of juicy grapes. Stomping Competition Stompers were judged on stomping style. Stompers got two minutes to stomp to music. Winners were selected on each day and will get wine hampers.

The event also saw the presence of the Yachting partner “West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd”whichprovided a platform and entertained the ones who are very much fond of sailing and charters. JJ memorial cup was held during the same event which encouraged the budding talent of sailors was the the icing on the cake.