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WCMYS successfully completes Pontoon on4th July 2011 Hyderabad Husain Sagar Lake (Area 70Sq)

The Efficient and skillful team of West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd completes one more project under the category of Pontoons. The project comprised of design with slope (Boat launch with ramp floating serving the purpose of Multi boat parking system and a launch and recovery pontoon for sail boats & RIBs. The anchoring system consisted of the Concrete blocks and the pulley and the rope.

West Coast Marine Yacht services Pvt Ltd (WCMYSPL) at the 3rd Edition of Goa Boat show- 16 -18th Dec 2011

As earlier two years this year too West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd participated but the enthusiasm was much higher. This year West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt.Ltd (WCMYSPL) displayed 31 SF Silver Craft (Sports Fishing Series). a array of marine equipments& accessories ranging from the Holt, Gill which completes the sailing gear of every Sailor to Suzuki engines, International Yacht paints, ACR Dock floating Eco friendly Cubes decorated the entire kiosk. Apple in the eye was the benevolent model of Viking 85 which was displayed at WCMYSPL stall.

Also the model of Nautitech Catamaran 40 elegantly placed inside the glass attracted this particular segment lover. In short words one stop Shop for the Boat & marine related was very vividly evident by West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt.Ltd.


Bon Voyage-MY Serenity

“Serenity” is the elegant 56 Viking managed by West Coast Marine Yacht Services, the only one stop shop yacht management company in India. A true beauty – Right from the initial design to the finished product, the perfection and the fine quality is visible. The beauty of the design is not just in her looks but also the build which sustains a high horse power output of modern marine diesel that allows 30 knot cruising speed. Poetic 650 miles (Mumbai to Cochin-7th Dec to 10th Dec): Serenity commenced her voyage from Mumbai on 7th Dec with 10000litres of fuel onboard & a crew of 6 people that comprised of Captain Fruto, Fishing Master Richard White, Seaman Dipesh, Steward Mr. Irshad and Engineer Mr. Zaid This leg is termed as “poetic 650”as this was graced with various cinematic & colorful scenes of nature, sky & water. The journey was laced with the scenic beauty of the sun dissolving in the sea that leaves the appearance of the sea like a gliding snake to the one who is on board. The real treat was the friendly dolphins which brought a smile on everyone’s face and rejuvenated them. The most scintillating experience was the first sunset view of the blue colored never ending sky with a tinge of red color that just added onto its beauty and the shimmer that left “Serenity” glow in the twilight. Adventurous 400miles (Cochin to Sri. Lanka-12th Dec to 14th Dec)-The challenging part of the journey was on this leg. This voyage commenced on 12th Dec with 6000 litres of fuel on board. This Leg is named as Serene 850 miles (Sri lanka to Portblair-31st Dec 2011 to 4th Jan 2012) After heaving a sigh of relief Serenity with 9500 liters of fuel on board set her sail for Port Blair. What came back with this part of the journey was the memories which a sailor would always be cherish throughout his life. Now that’s what one calls a “BON VOYAGE”. All is well that ends well

MUMBAI Boat Show-26th to 28th Feb 2012

West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd participated in MIBS once again. But yes this year with a Bang!!! Acquiring the biggest exhibition space and flaunting itself by exhibiting the various brands of Yachts Right from Gulf craft Brands Like Majesty, Oryx and Silvercraft, French Nautitech Catamarans, to The Viking Yachts in category of Yachts. Various brands of the chandlery Like Dometic, International Yacht Paints, Suzuki Engines and many also caught the eye of many boat lovers. On stand Display of Boats included the Silvercraft 31ft model and other brand named Waterwish Boats –QD 18

Launch of Majesty 105 & Silvercraft 36 HT Generation of Gulf Craft Super yachts with Premiere of Majesty 105 at Dubai International Boat Show 2012

Gulf Craft Inc., the largest manufacturer of luxury yachts and fiberglass boats in the Middle East and Asia, premiered a brand new superyacht concept from its Majesty Yachts range – the Majesty 105 – on day one of the Dubai International Boat Show 2012. The premiere followed the UAE-based shipyard’s recent showcase of its largest ever hull construction – the Majesty 135 – at its 30th anniversary gala celebration held on Saturday, March 10th at its yacht manufacturing facility in the UAE. The Majesty 105 is the latest in a series of revolutionary concepts created by Gulf Craft. It represents both, the degree of engineering, design and technological sophistication already achieved by the company during its three decades in the business as well as its ability to anticipate and meet the need for striking new Superyacht concepts tailored to diverse cruising needs.

Majesty 135
36 HT 

Mini Marina on 16th April 2012 by West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt. Ltd team

This time the glory added and the celebration was different!! This was the first time that WCMYS has undertaken such nature of the project and completed it successfully. The finish is evident by various pictures of the completed project.

Main pontoon : 12 M x 2.2 M x 3
Finger Pontoon : 10 M x 1.5 M x 4
Landing Pontoon: 3.5 M x 3.7 M
Gangway: 10 M x 1.5 M
Draft: 3.5 M
Berthing System: 12 Boats


West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt Ltd, After Kerala spreads its wings to Delhi

  • Area-49 Sq Mtr
  • Anchoring System used cement concrete blocks.
  • Location- Unitech Amusement Park Ltd, Delhi


West Coast Marine Sailing School Pvt Ltd at Hyderabad Monsoon Regatta (3rdJuly -8th July2102)

The most amazing and the colorful part of the event was presence of West Coast Marine Sailing School Pvt Ltd in the Regatta. The best part was being the first time sailors and only 10 days of training resulted in successful completion of races of all the students participated. Out of 10 total trained children under this school, Of them 5 students had participated. Five kids who had participated in Ind Opti among them two kids were able to finish the races and other two kids were able to race the course. However 6 yrs old, the youngest participant of the event from West Coast Marine Sailing School Pvt Ltd. who showed his caliber in Mumbai Chowpatty was unable to show the same at Hyderabad as the wind condition was very high (15 -20knots) The credit goes to the Training provided by the team of West Coast Marine Sailing School Pvt Ltd which comprises of well experienced sailors namely Mr.Homi Manekshaw, Mr.Neeraj Sharma, Mr. Dipesh Nerpagare, Mr. Laukik Chavhan and Mr.Trunal Helegaonkar and all those people who directly and indirectly have trained the kids valuing the safety as the first principle. Also not to forget to mention the Parents who devoted their valuable time to nurture their kid’s passion of sailing. The best part and biggest achievement for West Coast Marine Sailing School was to boast upon was the overall 16th and 18tH positions which the students came in out of 22 students in case of Ind Opti racing category despite of such a short notice. Hip Hip Hurray!!!! Three Cheers!!

Aashim’s Corner:

Like every time this corner speaks straight from my soul giving a picture of what’s happening.”Aamchi Mumbai” and boating seems to be in a state of limbo. We have had yet another boat show and yet a conference. We continue to discuss issues like the lack of a marina, lack of regulations, how the boating industry can be commercially viable for the masses, challenges with customs and excise duty and the like. But from one year to another there is no change. The lack of government interest in developing the waterfront continues to suffocate what could be a major industry generating revenue, employment and tourism. On my side – it has been an exciting summer. I experienced what is really a dream for most yachting enthusiast – got a chance to see the America’s Cup racing. We saw the finals of the World Series – fleet and match racing. It was really a pleasure to be in the Newport ‘Home of the America’s Cup’ and watch the legend Russell Coutts in action. The racing is done around 30 meters from land – close enough to almost feel like you can touch the boats. A truly thrilling experience. There were 14000 spectators there and apart from the thrill of the actual racing the sheer quality of the infrastructure made it a real pleasure to be there. Whether it was the access quality for the racing teams or the well-organized parking, viewing spaces, food and sanitation for such a large crowd – everything was thought off. A far cry from our slippery mossy slipways where you are most likely to break a leg or an arm if you slip even before you step on a boat. The interest in sailing has been up and the sailing school has seen more and more interest. We ran our first YAI course with the new school accreditation and the first batch of Kids went on to then race at the Monsoon regatta – great progress and great work on the kids front. For those of you looking at acquiring a boat for the new season – now is the time to think about it so it would here in time. Our sales teams are standing by to understand your needs and help you look at the options available. Do give us a call. Until the season.