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India’s love affair with the Silver Craft range of boats is eternal. Heralded by their owners as the best decision related to the waters they’ve ever made, these boats have more to them than what meets the eye:

1)    The most popular and trusted brand in India since more than 15 years. A testimony to the same would be one look at the Mumbai harbor and one would notice an outstanding majority of boats are from Gulf Craft (their parent company).
2)    Designed to suit our water and weather conditions. An integral part of their design is the deep-V hull that suits the nature of waves in the waters around Mumbai.
3)    One gets a good portfolio of options to chose from in terms of length, type and options on-board.
4)    Are cost-effective and provide more value for money, compared to any other brand’s models with equivalent length.

With Coastal Security yet of key concern, there are many authorities out there in the search of the right boat for securing the coasts under their responsibility. Each of them requiring various modifications based on the surveillance area and likely threat to it.
The Silver Craft 36 CG (‘CG’ denoting ‘Coast Guard’ – for patrolling and interception) is a boat specially designed for these reasons – and is entirely suitable for the Indian weather and water conditions. It comes from the lineage of boats that can be modified to the tee effectively for various purposes.

Reinforced with hardened balsa to absorb the impact of bullets, the hull is specially designed to effectively glide through the waters at a fast pace. Bullet-proofing of the canopy area and the glass-house is done to ensure no harm to the crew controlling the boat. Most important is the gun-mounting that wrest at the fore of the boat that can be used to control various grades/ types of machine guns onboard. This boat is also entirely modifiable and can accommodate a high level of customization in terms of fit-outs and equipment meant for effectively warding off threats to the coast.

The engine configurations are ideal for giving that sudden burst of speed for intercepting enemy crafts, and at the same time extended fuel tanks allow the range and endurance that’s unsurpassable. With renowned quality and reasonable costs – the Silver Craft 36 CG is the ideal combination to look for in a boat required for keeping our coasts peaceful and safe.