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From the desk of Suheim Sheikh, Event Director:

Every year with the advent of the monsoons  the gentle ripples on the Hussain Sagar lake make way for larger waves and forceful winds, transforming the waters into a paradise for Sailing.

This year 2009 ,for the first time in the twin cities ,we will witness a large Catamaran Inland National Championship with a bloom of colorful sails spread across the lake. The National title will be decided here.

Alongside will be the Match Racing event which will be conducted in J24s Class – 24 feet in length they can accommodate a crew of upto 6 and race Americas Cup style. 4 world champions are expected to compete.

For the younger kids (below 16) will be the Open Championship – Optimist Class. Entries are expected from across India – Mumbai, Goa, Vizag, Chennai , Cochin and Bhopal.

The primary goal of these championships is to draw awareness to the environment of the Lake and provide the Government a platform to announce real measures being undertaken for the lake preservation.

Monsoon Regatta Hyderabad

The championships will also aid in the promotion of Optimist sailing, the breeding ground for sailors worldwide and to larger classes like the Lasers and 420s and these boats will be sailed competitively in Hyderabad waters after a gap of nearly 20 years.

The introduction of 3 new classes to these waters will certainly give a boost to the sport in terms of awareness and exposure.

The splendid sight of these sophisticated big boats, small boats and Catamarans will be the first ever of its kind and a spectacle that will attract a lot of attention from the shore especially from Necklace Road and Tank Bund.
Dates are Aug 11th to Aug 16th 2009.

Fun cannot be far from a sailor so theres plenty of action in the evenings as well starting with the curtain raiser on 11th Aug a top line lounge. Dinner, music, press conference and a panel discussion on the environment. On 14th Aug a jazz night at the sailing annexe and regatta ball with awards on 16th Aug.

On the last day all the branded boats will be sailed in a fleet race of sorts across the lake – likely to be a completely spectacular site.

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