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Ready to set the seas ablaze with the colours of the season, all those who had been waiting to wet their feet finally set sailed. The Mumbai Harbour season opening regatta beckoned all sailors of all shapes and sizes to satiate their hunger for the sea.

Every sailing club in Bombay was out on the waters off the Mumbai harbour to celebrate the opening of the sailing season for this year. Sailors were welcome to sailing all classes of boats on the 3rd of October. The two-day event marked the commencement of wind sailing, which until now had been closed due to rain and bad weather.

The event opened the sailing season in Mumbai – the yachting hub of India – with a flurry of colourful sails to light up the Mumbai harbour off the Gateway of India till sun-down.

The event was open to anyone who would like to sail, through boat owners and club members. It was accompanied by a season opening regatta ball held by the Royal Bombay Yacht Club over the days subsequent to the event as is usually done every year.