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Dubai, June 17, 2009: Gulf Craft Inc, is celebrating the recent delivery of its Majesty 50 luxury yacht to Venezuela from its UAE shipyard. The announcement marks an extraordinary achievement for the local luxury yacht manufacturer, which has 27 years of fiberglass boatbuilding experience and which has now achieved its first penetration of the Venezuelan market.

“The Majesty 50 model has been a best seller worldwide, and we are pleased to introduce the Majesty 50, representing our flagship brand ‘Majesty”, to the Venezuelan market”, said Erwin Bamps, Executive Manager, Gulf Craft Inc.

The Majesty 50 is a true luxury yacht that represents the culmination of design skill and craftsmanship. It is built to perform and to impress with its no-compromise naval engineering and exquisite interior workmanship.

“Our ability to keep up with the ongoing demand for Gulf Craft yachts has enabled us to firmly establish ourselves in the global yacht manufacturing industry and we are currently seeing an increase in interest in our yachts from markets as far as the U.S and South America. Markets such as Venezuela are increasingly opening up to yacht manufacturers outside the U.S and we believe that Gulf Craft is perfectly poised to take advantage of this opportunity. Our commitment to delivering quality and cost effective yachts without compromising on features has served us well throughout our 27 year history and has enabled us to expand globally into new and diverse markets”, added Erwin.

“The coveted Majesty 50 is aggressively styled and is certainly going to make an impression in the Venezuelan yacht market. Our expertise in delivering superior quality yachts will help us to gain increase market share in this part of the world”, said Ignacio Rivero, Prestige Yacht Group.

Prestige Yacht Group will be representing Majesty Yachts at the upcoming boat show ExpoNautica, Anzoátegui from June 25th to June 28, 2009.

About Gulf Craft:

Gulf Craft Inc, based in the United Arab Emirates, exports more than 70 per cent of its output and its leisure craft and super-luxury yachts are to be found in virtually every major harbour of the world. The company’s flagship Majesty Yachts brand combines style and elegance with high-technology to create the epitome of truly royal cruising. These elegant thoroughbreds of the sea spare neither expense nor effort to set the definitive ‘state of the art’ standard for ocean-going luxury.

The Majesty Yachts series begins with a 44-footer, through a series of size options up to the Majesty 135.  Gulf Craft has witnessed a significant increase in demand for its super-yachts and the company’s ability to keep up with demand has helped to firmly establish it as a major player in the highly competitive super-yacht segment.

The company also produces the Silvercraft series of family and smaller leisure craft, a wide and diverse range of smaller family and fishing boats that have been the product range at the origin of Gulf Craft’s fiberglass boatbuilding heritage.

In 2005, it introduced the Oryx sport cruisers – the sea-borne equivalent of an elite sports car – that became an instant hit within weeks of launching at the Dubai International Boat Show.  Now the Oryx has evolved into a family of high-performance sport yachts and cruisers of different sizes that are exported worldwide. In 2009 Gulf Craft launched the Oryx 54 fly-bridge luxury sports yacht, taking the already hugely popular Oryx range to another level and cemented its popularity among sport boat enthusiasts.

Today, Gulf Craft ranks as one of the world leading manufacturers and exporters of fiberglass leisure craft, one of a handful of boat-builders in the world with the capacity and the capability to produce yachts of more than 100 feet in overall length. With thousands of its vessels cruising international waters, its products are highly respected in the global yacht-building industry.