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“Follow these steps to complete the yacht repair and maintenance process to ensure that your vessel appears as good as new.”

Certain aspects must be followed to ensure that your fibreglass yacht is reinstated to its original state.

After the process of cleaning you must necessarily dry the site prior to starting fresh work. Follow these steps to complete the Repair & Restoration process to ensure that your vessel appears as good as new.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Yacht RepairEnsure that the supports are ready: in case the repair surface is curved it is crucial to cut the support shapes from plywood and nail them together thus keeping them handy for the residual process of restoration.

Backing the layer application: ensure that the fibreglass is rendered rough around the damaged area using a steel brush. This ensures that the epoxy adheres effortlessly. Leave an overlap of approximately three inches above the damaged section and cut a fibreglass sheet.

Plaster the curved space with bondo: If the area to be repaired is curved you must cover it with bondo which is identical to the contour of the curve after forming a foam shape. Sand the bondo in thin layers prior to placing the fibreglass sheet over it and then apply the epoxy to the required shape. Place the different layers of fibreglass above the cured shape and then sand the fresh surface.

Secure the exposed side: as soon as you fix the backing support you must cut the fibreglass with a three inch overlap and position it on the facing side of the affected area.

Remember to sand the repaired part: sanding is the most crucial aspect of fibreglass yacht repair. Make use of a 400 grit paper and sand till the exterior develops a little bit of traction and goes well with the existing floor.

In case of superficial damage such as cracks or scratches you can simply sand the area and then utilize a solvent to eliminate the wax and apply plastic fillers. Apply yet another coat as soon as the plastic filler is cured. Standard damage to the vessel entails just a few standard coats after which you must apply a final coat of primer.

If you know boats repairs it will be of great benefit during a long cruises. Keep in mind that not all repairs can be accomplished on your own since you might require specialized equipments which are not always available in your tool box. Enhance the life span & performance of your fibreglass yacht with adequate repair & restoration.