Our team at West Coast Marine Yacht Services, represents and is in constant touch with various types’ yacht and yachting related manufacturers and designers around the globe. This enables us to render customized consultancy to each specified requirement of the customer.

We can offer consultancy for prospective yacht owners, resorts projects, water-sports center projects, marina projects, sailing / yacht club projects.

Sea Waif – A founding member of AYSS

Mumbai: 18° 55.0’N. 72° 50.5’E

‘Sea Waif’ is the only exclusive, Yacht handling agency in India. It manages a ‘swinging mooring’ marina in Mumbai off the Gateway of India and provides yacht management facilities and afloat services for visiting yachts. The marina facilities offered by Sea Waif include assembling special moorings, laying the same, provide berthing facilities, supply of bunkers, fresh water, provisions etc. Stores are transported by a dedicated work boat and tenders provided for the personnel. A trained workforce is available to every conceivable need of a yacht like GRP repairs, polishing, varnishing, painting, housekeeping, chandlery, etc.

Sea Waif has been appointed as the authorized dealer of International Yacht paints in India and has the trained manpower to undertake full paint jobs. In essence Sea Waif is engaged in full management of marina facilities except that the marina is a ‘swinging mooring’ type rather than a conventional one (alternate docking can be arranged in the commercial dock), but that is the limitation in Bombay – there is no existing marina.

  1. Registration of Yachts & Flagging Options
  2. Importing of yachts.
  3. Commissioning of new yachts / boats
  4. Arranging berthing at yacht anchorages/ commercial Berth.
  5. Providing Yacht insurance.
  6. Supply of marine accessories and chandleries.
  7. Providing emergency response services.
  8. Arranging for Sight-seeing trips around India.
  9. International Yacht Paint Products supply and paint center.
  10. Dry Dock / major / minor refit work for yacht of all sizes.