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MarineTrack - GPS Tracking Solutions

MarineTrack is an all-inclusive turnkey, telematic solution provider which supplies GPS tracking, alerting as well as monitoring hardware to the diverse sectors of the worldwide maritime market. For this purpose, crucial onboard data is communicated via radio, GSM/GPRS in addition to satellite networks. This data is subsequently received and then displayed via the online software.

SEAGUARD is the finest standalone type approved Ship Security Alert System which functions on the innovative INMARSAT IsatDataPro, IDP satellite network. The dedicated tracking & information software is completely integrated with OTiS with superior SSAS controls.

OTiS is the finest Online Tracking & Information Software which exhibits the vessel performance data against crucial location based information encompassing cyclone warnings, meteorological conditions as well as piracy incidents. The Fleet Tracking Software also includes sophisticated Ship Security Alert modules with remote supervisor test controls.

The existing INMARSAT Sat C SSAS terminals are configured to transmit the Security Alerts to OTiS which is the dedicated tracking & information software with superior SSAS controls. The Sat C service is well-suited with all the modern terminals.

Marine Track supplies the maritime industry with economical fleet tracking services as well as vessel monitoring systems that convey mission critical information using the secure wireless networks.Contact West Coast Marine Yacht Chandlery India for more information.

Vessel Tracking Systems: DMR800LRIT is a dedicated standalone LRIT terminal and is also SOLAS V.6.2 type approved. This is a wonderfully cost effective option as compared with a standalone Sat C LRIT solution.

The company’s main mission is to continually expand, improve and invest in the five business pillars of systems, services, shareholders, software as well as support. For this purpose, they design and manufacture the finest security monitoring and asset tracking systems which shield operators from the increased dangers as well as operational costs linked with the exceedingly competitive shipping market. Rest assured that the systems are type approved and constructed to the highest quality with the most excellent components and are subsequently supplied with industry leading warranties.

Select the finest industry leading fleet tracking as well as vessel monitoring software. Get in touch with West Coast Marine Yacht Services India at the earliest for added information on the various Marine Equipment Supplies.

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