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Yacht Refit is a very common activity for all those people who own yachts. Yacht refit is a term used to describe any type of repair work or maintenance that is done to either upgrade your yacht to improve its shelf life and longevity (sustainability) or to add more modern features to it in order to make it look new and advanced. This repair work or refurbishment, vary from one yacht to another. Sometimes some special kinds of refitting work are done to improve the condition of the boats and those terms are winterizing and valeting. Some common types of tasks done while refitting are as follows:-

  • Electrical wire repair, electronic equipment upgrade
  • Sand blasting
  • Paint spraying and varnishing
  • Winterizing, regular maintenance checks
  • Annual servicing
  • Epoxy coating, antifouling, osmosis treatment
  • Joinery check
  • Engine work and repair
  • Gel coating and repair
  • Fiberglass coat repair

Yacht refit is very important for maintaining the efficiency of a yacht just as doctor’s checkup is important for maintaining good health. This repair work will help you understand the value of your yacht and how long it would sustain. Ideally refitting should be done at least once in a year if the boat is used extensively in harsh water like the sea. Yacht refit is your boat’s lifeblood and results in operational reliability and safety. If the refitting is done properly, it will change the entire look of your yacht and make it look brand new again.

Yacht Refit
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Specialized Yacht Refit Management companies generally do the task of yacht refit. There are many such companies scattered all over the world and they are doing a good job with this. Every Yacht Management Company has an efficient and experienced team of expert consultants who manage and execute the task of refitting. There are hundreds of amazingly gorgeous and useful yacht accessories and spare parts available in the market and they are sometimes incorporated in an old yacht to make it look brand new and more beautiful and useful. Yacht refit is also sometimes done to improve the functionality of a yacht. For example, new teak decking with cork under lays helps in the noise reduction technique, full repaint helps change the ambience of the yacht and so on. Likewise several installations and repairs may be done.

Technically the shelf life of a yacht is twenty years, which means if you have an old yacht which is twenty years old, you should think of opting for a yacht refit before taking it out to the sea, as the harsh water of the sea and fluctuating weather conditions may cause severe damage to your old yacht otherwise. Hence, from safety point of view, one should go for a yacht refit if his yacht has reached its approximate shelf life of twenty years. This will not only give new life to your boat but will also help in saving a lot of money as you will not have to purchase a new boat then and scrap the old one.

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