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Gelcoat Yacht Repair is an easy process if you have used Sailing Boats & especially if the hull is white. There are miniature tubes for gelcoat repair for those tiny cracks which you have to spread over the area. However if you have a bigger or deeper scrape or gouge on your sailboat there are certain ways to facilitate quick Yacht Refit.

Yacht Repair
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  1. Clean the spot of any loose material and then use acetone to remove any wax deposit via a clean rag. For larger cracks ensure that the ends of the fissures are rounded out. Use blue masking tape to seal the area.
  2. On a deeper scrape or scratch put some body putty or bondo. You can easily acquire this from your nearest marine store. Get a white coloured one to ensure that another colour does not seep through.
  3. Rigorously stick to the instructions for mixing the hardener. When it is ready apply immediately to the scratch, crack or gouge. Ensure that you push it in properly so as not to leave air bubbles under it. For full-size areas utilize a putty knife to spread it in an even way. Get rid of any excess around the repair area. If required you can retape it later.
  4. The putty takes around 20 minutes to harden if mixed accurately. Take a bit of light sandpaper and sand off the putty to ensure that it is beneath the initial gelcoat surface. The crack, gouge, scrape is gone and you glimpse a colour disparity where the putty is nonetheless it looks even.
  5. When you buy the white coloured gel coat at a marine shop obtain the hardener as well. Select an apt spray unit with a spray top along with a jar which it screws on to. Find a few brushes big enough to envelop the area. If the vessel has a really wide area you will definitely feel like spraying the gelcoat on top of it.
  6. Utilize a minimally moistened rag along with acetone to clean the repair area. Re-tape as required. Blend the gelcoat with the hardener as per the directions on the can and apply it using the brush. Ensure that the area looks smooth. If you are not happy with your efforts simply mop it off and use the dampened rag with acetone and commence the process once again.
  7. When you are spraying ensure that the blue tape is kept further away and paper it off to avoid over spraying. Put the gelcoat blend in the jar and put in some acetone to thin it out a bit so it comes through easily via the spray nozzle. Apply using a back and forth motion. Put a few coats on it for superior coverage.
  8. As soon as it is dry use damp and dry sand paper and lightly sand the area. Smooth out the elevated spots and always keep the sandpaper moist.
  9. Make use of lighter sandpaper till you reach 400 grit. At this point the gel coat will be level and you just have to utilize white compound initially and subsequently wax it up.

Prior to the process of Gelcoat yacht repair ensure that you read the instructions on the different products. Follow the basics of yacht repair to get sailboats which is as good as new!

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