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Mumbai is an ideal destination, to explore with boats for charter. You can visit unique places, with your family and friends and have a memorable vacation.

Devgarh is a picturesque fishing village in Vijaydurg. It has a superb natural harbor. There is a fascinating post-Shivaji period fortress, and its fortifications have a lighthouse. During the evenings, you can enjoy magnificent views, particularly on cloudy days when the sky speedily changes color prior to sunset.

Devgarh has an isolated beach set in a mild arc. Try to visit this spectacular beach, on a full moon night, on your sailing vacation. The surf resting on the waves shines in the dark, due to a strange occurrence of phosphoresce inside the water. Devgarh is a must visit, with sailboat charter.

On your yacht cruise Mumbai, ensure that you visit Bankot. This picturesque place is situated 22 miles to the south of Murud Janjira, the renowned fort of Himmatgad.

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Bankot is a stunning fort dotting the Konkan strip, and is an ideal destination for your sailing vacation, as it is not crowded with countless tourists. Nevertheless, Bankot is a gorgeous fort and definitely worth a visit, on your next vacation. The base village of Bankot is an affluent rural community with a principally Muslim population. With your motor yacht, as you travel up the Savitri River, you will observe stunning scenery.

When you visit Bankot, ensure that you stopover at the Bankot fort, as well as the famous breeding beach named Olive Riddle Turtle, at Velas village. Velas beach is ideal for breeding this rare species, and it is possible to glimpse these fine-looking creatures and learn lots of things about them. On your yacht, you can also enjoy an enjoyable cruise on the Savitri River.

Another place which is a must visit, on your Mumbai sailing vacation, is Murud Janjira. This place is positioned about 40 nautical miles to the south of Mumbai harbor. Murud was the famed 15th-16th century center of the Siddis of Janjira. This unconquerable fortress stimulated the Maratha chief Shivaji to initiate quite a few attacks, nevertheless the fort remained unassailable to the end.

Murud is a calm little retreat which relaxes in the Konkan sunlight. The beach is simply spectacular and is edged with coconut fronds, betel palms plus casuarinas groves.

On your vacation via sailboat charter, ensure that you visit the temple dedicated to Dattatreya, positioned on a small hill. From this position, you can get a wonderful view of the bay. The Siddhi Nawabs’ palace, the Janjira caves, and the Janjira fort are a must visit, on your vacation.

The Janjira fort was initially a wooden stronghold constructed by the Murud fishermen to shield their village from pirates. Janjira fort had lots towers and turrets where enormous cannons and guns were stored. At present, the fort is an intimidating structure overlooking an attractive beach where you can spend a lot of time sunbathing, and swimming in isolation.

These are the places you must visit, on your vacation via yacht rental Mumbai. You will glimpse the picturesque landscape, as well as learn a lot, in the process.


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