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Simply relax & unwind on your Sailing Yacht Charter holiday in Mumbai as the wind softly steers you along the water. Spend some time with close friends on a stress-free cruise and escape from the repetitive routine of daily life. Sail towards the spectacular weekend getaway spots in and around this vibrant city.

Versova Beach is nestled away from the chaos of city life and is the abode of the Kolis– the biggest fishing community in Mumbai. Try fishing or simply unwind in this soothing spot. A captivating coastline lures travellers to this serene beach which is less crowded as compared with the other beaches in the city. Versova Fort is located close by and is a popular tourist attraction.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Sailing Yacht Charter in MumbaiDana Paani Beach is a serene golden sand beach and is also an idyllic spot to spend quality time with loved ones. Leisurely walk around the place and savour the tasty local snacks for a delightful culinary experience. WCM’s Yacht Charter Mumbai offers over 60 yachts for parties and events in Mumbai. Contact us today!

Marve Beach is famous for its scenic landscapes particularly the sunset and sunrise views. The vivacious vibes of Marve Beach makes it a superlative option for a sailing holiday.

The ambience on Manori Beach is evocative of the quieter beaches of Goa. Soak up the splendid views of the sunrise with your partner and taste the sumptuous food in any of the seafood shacks.

Feel your worries simply fade away on the serene beach of Diveagar. An amazing experience awaits travellers when they witness the sporadic calm and fury of the waves as they crash against the golden sand. Ganpatipule is the glorious abode of an amazingly clean beach and is bordered with coconut palms and mangroves.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Yacht Charter in MumbaiSailing Yacht Charter in Mumbai is your best bet for a rejuvenating weekend getaway. Soak up the blissful beauty of the natural world and experience the amazing ambience on these beaches. These pristine, picture-perfect places ensure that you don’t run out of options for a memorable seaside holiday anytime soon.

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