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People usually buy a boat for a stress-free cruise during the weekend. Buying a new boat leads to a lot of hassles as you spend a lot of time financing the purchase. This leaves you with little or no time to sail away with loved ones.

Depreciation is a major advantage when you acquire used boats for sale. A new boat’s value might depreciate to about half the original cost within a few years! As a buyer, this can be advantageous when you find a seller who wishes to sell his first-hand boat.

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The value of a used boat will depreciate however not as drastically as it does for a new vessel. Try to search for a pre-owned boat that was used infrequently.

Used Boats for Sale can cost more than the boat itself at times. Most deals include the gear with the purchase price such as dock lines, spare props, safety equipment, life jackets etc.

Get to know more about the boat brands and their duration in business, quality along with the market share. Consider these aspects before buying a pre-owned boat.

Inspect the different parts of the vessel prior to signing the contract. Opt for an out-of-water inspection to check the areas such as floors and siding, electrical systems & the engine, riggings, sails, upholstery, batteries, bilge, hull, propeller and shaft among others.

Determine the number of hours the boat has been at sea; if she has been kept in storage and check the maintenance records, if any. Check for mildew and lower the anchor in order to test the vessel. The used boat for sale must be mechanically sound and well-maintained.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Boat for Sale
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West Coast Marine Boat Sales India can aid you to choose the perfect vessel and can also give an expert opinion on the vessel’s engine and compression check for a favourable outcome.

Get to know more about buying Used Boats for Sale by reading boat buying guides and attending boat shows.

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