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Have you ever realised that your heart jumps with joy when you see a yacht sailing across the sea? Have you ever imagined sailing across the deep blue seas on a charter yacht? Sailing is the best entertainment that helps you to relax your mind as well as your physique and this is the best way in which you can actually get to learn a number of things while enjoying yourself.

If you are searching for a good Sailing School in India that would teach you all the techniques of sailing, the pros and cons as well as the techniques, then a good organisation like West Coast Marine Sailing School at Colaba, Mumbai would help you to learn the trick.

There are various sailing schools in India among which some of the best sailing schools are available in Mumbai.

Sailing School India
Photo Courtesy – West Coast Marine Yacht Services India – Sailing School India

Teaches you all the techniques

The best sailing schools in India will teach you all the techniques that help you to learn the tactics of yachting in a seasoned manner. They have a team of well trained and qualified crew members who would help you in each and every step of sailing. They would make you learn all the processes of sailing theoretically as well as practically. The best sailing schools in India

  • Have a well trained team of staff
  • The sailing schools will help you to learn all the sailing techniques theoretically as well as practically

It is a known fact that everyone would not be able to sail. In order to sail people need to have muscles, as well as the required power to balance the sails, pull the sails in case of the change in direction of wind, and manoeuvre the yacht is case of requirement.

The course

The Sailing schools have a basic designed course that is undertaken by the students. The course begins with an introduction to sailing lessons, the orientation system where students are taught the basics of yachting, theoretical knowledge where the students are taught about the different parts of the yacht. Then comes a hand on training of the yacht where they are given short courses of sailing lessons. Students are also given live aboard training, taught how to navigate the yacht and are taught the basics of anchoring, docking and mooring the yacht. All these things couples into one will give students an excellent training in the sailing schools. There are people who are there to accompany you as well when you are sailing in the initial times.

Though there are various sailing schools in India, some schools excel in the art of sailing. The best among these schools are West Coast Marine Sailing School India which provide you the best of sailing lessons.


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