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With the encouraging interest generated by the West Coast Marine Sailing School, we always were put to wonder – ‘What’s Next?! What are people in our island city looking for?!’

Boating gives enthusiasts the opportunity to get out and unwind on the waters any time of the week…our sail-boats are lined-up at the convenience of the members of the SAILING SCHOOL, and they are privileged to use these subjected to prior bookings, from sunrise to sunset – throughout the week.

The SAILING SCHOOL members would also be privileged to see the landmarks of the Mumbai Harbour – such as the various Light-houses, Naval Batteries, Ships visiting our harbour’s channels and the opposite side of the harbor.

Best of all, is the exciting experience of the wind hitting your face, the view of our island city and it bludgeoning sky-line from the waters (which would make you fall in love with it) and the exciting maneuvers while out sailing…

Pack some snacks and you are in for your very own picnic on the waters!!!

Entirely safe, our boats are specially designed for the harbours of India. You will be given buoyancy aids to keep you safe. No incidences have happened in the past 15 years, so Do Not Worry – as our experienced and qualified crew is always with you – and a Search & Rescue Boat on stand-by at all times.

Now, Boating seems more accessible and easy for all with the West Coast Marine Boating Force…SEA YOU SOON!

West Coast Marine Sailing School is a RYA and YAI accredited training center offering various courses to start off a beginner or up-grade one’s sailing and power boating skills.


We run the following RYA Theory certification courses which go from beginner to professional:

·         Essential Navigation and Seamanship

·         Day Skipper

·         Yachtmaster – Coastal and Off Shore

·         Yachtmaster – Ocean


We run the following YAI certification courses which include Theory and practical’s which go from beginner to an experienced sailor level:

Dingy sailing :

·         Basic Skills – Level 1

·         Basic Skills – Level 2

·         Basic Skills – Level 3

·         Racing


           Power boating:

·         Recreational Power boating

·         Powerboat Handling

·         Safety boat


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