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Plentiful sailing opportunities await travellers along India’s extensive coastline and wonderful waterways.

The Optimist Dinghy is a widely sailed vessel launched by Sailing School India. FUN FACTS about this Dinghy:

  • The Boat is specifically designed for 7 to 15 year old children.
  • The Boat weighs 35 KG, is 7.4 feet in measurement lengthwise and is 3.5 feet in width.
  • 200,000 children in more than 100+ countries learn how to sail the Optimist.
  • Kids can effortlessly manoeuvre the vessel on their own without any fear.
  • It is a perfectly safe way to learn how to sail.

West Coast Marine Sailing School India - Sailing School in Mumbai

Optimist Monthly Sailing Program:

The Basic Coaching Classes are simply superlative for Beginner sailors who wish to learn the different aspects of the sport. You must be regular with attendance even if each child will progress at his / her own pace.


  • Includes Personal Safety & Safety Procedures while sailing. It also includes how to avoid collisions, capsize recovery, drills, how to paddle the boat, towing and weather.
  • Impart information on the diverse parts of the boats as well as their functions along with basic sailing terminology & boat care.
  • Know more about the different points of sailing, tacking and gybing. Learn how to launch, recover as well as sail a basic course.
  • Processes of Rigging and Unrigging the boat with minimum direction.

Certificates will be awarded to the students on successful completion of the course. This is certified by the Royal Yachting Association (U.K.) and Yachting Association of India.


Advanced Coaching Classes: These classes are perfect for students who have completed the Basic Training Program and have achieved a minimum degree of proficiency in the sport. It is also a good option if they have trained in a different place yet have demonstrated a fundamental level of having achieved the skills necessitated in the Basic Course.

Joining the Advanced Class is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach after a scrupulous evaluation of the Sailor’s skills. It is ideal for sailors desirous of improving their racing skills who wish to subsequently participate at the state, district, national as well as international level competitive events.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm excluding the monsoons and on weekends and Bank Holidays from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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