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Maldives encompasses a sequence of coral atolls which is the abode of around 1,190 islands. Hire a yacht and discover the scenic splendour of the Maldives and its exquisite coral islands.

Magnificent Maldives is an ecological marvel extending across the Indian Ocean like a strand of rare pearls. On your Yacht Charter Holiday in this breathtakingly beautiful destination you will come across islands sprinkled with coconut palms and bordered by crystal clear lagoons. Simply relax and flit between the wonderful resorts, remote dive-sites and discover the outer islands.

Chill out with your friends or family and select from any of the plenteous sand and sea activities. Relax, enjoy a bit of sunbathing or opt for energetic activities such as surfing, fishing or diving. Make the most of the water with wake-boards, kayaks and snorkelling gear.

Initiate your perfect holiday on the splendid island of Male. If perfection is what you seek you will surely find it in Maldives within the impossibly blue sky, beautiful beaches and ideal holiday ambience.

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Explore the remote, uninhabited islands as per your convenience and tantalize your tastebuds with the amazingly fresh seafood. Do remember to collect the local handicrafts when you visit the tiny villages on a few of the islands with your family or friends. For the ultimate indulgence you must visit the spas sited inside the resorts.

At Hukurudhoo Uthuru Kandu which is a key channel all the way through Ari Atoll the reef life is brilliantly vibrant. A drift dive permits you to glimpse schools of Manta rays, Barracuda, Spotted Eagle rays and the infrequent White-tipped shark as they cruise off the drop-off. Prepare to be mesmerized by the multi-coloured Butterfly fish, Unicorn fish and the sharp-finned Surgeon fish. Oriental Sweetlips, Moorish Idols, Moray eels and Butterfly fish loiter among the coral branches.

Discover the exquisite white powder sand beaches situated on each island on your Maldives yacht charter holiday. Some feature the local fishing villages you can travel around whereas others are the abode of elegant resorts with excellent facilities. Anticipate a relaxing yet thrilling holiday with lots of activities such as diving, snorkelling and viewing the plentiful, multi-hued aquatic life.

Rent a Yacht and set out on a Maldives yacht charter holiday. Regardless of whether you are on your honeymoon or simply wish to explore uncharted terrain rest assured that your sailing holiday will provide memories to cherish for an eternity.


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