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Micron 77 is a further development of Micron 66 technology and uses a co-biocide based on copper rather than zinc. It has been on the market in Europe since 2008 and has established a sound record as it has in New Zealand where it has been available for approximately 4 years.

It is a SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) antifouling which delivers outstanding protection even in the harshest fouling conditions, in both salt and fresh water environments, which means a more consistent performance in marinas and areas such as river mouths where fresh water may be present.

Specifications of Micron 77:

  • This first-rate product delivers excellent protection to the vessel even in the most severe weather conditions.
  • Benefit from the multi-season performance as a single application lasts for two seasons or more.
  • Enhances flexibility in the maintenance schedules.
  • Lessens application along with maintenance time and costs.
  • Saves fuel costs.
  • Third party accreditation
  • Protects even when stationary, constant surface polishing delivers a low friction & smooth finish with partial paint build-up.
  • Improves fuel efficiency and speed.
  • 24/7 biocide release guarantees protection in diverse conditions.
  • Minimises drag.
  • IMO Systems Convention – Lloyd’s Register Certificate No. MNDE/2009/3064; Legislation compliant.
  • Verified SPC technology has been fruitfully used on 5,000+ commercial vessels.
  • Increases yard throughput.
  • Available in Blue, Navy, Black and Red.
  • Long lasting stability is assured and is available in four rich colours in a matt finish.

Technical Specifications:

  • Area: Below the waterline
  • Pack sizes: 5 lt, 20 lt
  • Finish/Sheen:Matt
  • Substrates: Lead, Cast Iron, Steel, Carbon Fibre, Wood & GRP/FRP.

This product is not suitable for high speed craft. It is wonderfully apt for high fouling areas.

The recommended Number of Coats for application with an Airless Spray is 2 – 3; thinner is YTA085 while the Practical Coverage (m²/Lt) is 4.0. Apply 2 – 4 Coats, Thinner is YTA085 if you are using a Brush and the Practical Coverage (m²/Lt) is 9.0. The suggested Number of Coats for application with a Roller is 2 – 4, thinner is YTA085 and the Practical Coverage (m²/Lt) is 9.0.     

The product data is intended only as a general overview to assist in product selection and signifies the typical values. Kindly refer to the product datasheet for detailed application guidance.

International Paint endeavors to create pioneering coating solutions to shield, beautify and enhance the performance of different types of boats. Benefit from the high performance yacht coatings superlative for above and below the waterline regardless of where you are globally.

Charter and commercial fishing vessels prefer to opt for Micron 77 for its exceptional fuel saving properties. It is a high-strength, premium motor vessel and yacht antifoul, is well-suited with a majority of conventional antifoul and guarantees a super clean hull even with infrequent use.

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