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Mastervolt Suppliers India

Mastervolt’s mission is to provide energy supply you can trust forever. With an impressive array of products and systems, you get the power to be independent wherever you are and whatever you do.

Mastervolt provides the finest quality products due to its power of innovation. To this, an important element has been added which is the zeal to be the best in the industry. It is presently an A-brand worldwide with a clear focus as well as specialisation in the market sectors of mobile energy, maritime energy & solar energy.

Mastervolt develops, produces and distributes premium electrotechnical systems for independent energy supply for the above mentioned market sectors. Mastervolt sells these superior systems in 60 countries around the world by means of an impressive network of distributors and dealers with its head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and 7 of its branches globally.

Sailing yachts, either professionally or for pleasure rely on the excellent products & systems of Mastervolt regardless of whether it is a towboat, cruise ship, dinghy or an opulent luxury yacht. WCM are the largest Marine Chandlery Suppliers in India.

The comprehensive Mastervolt range offers a suitable solution regardless of the on-board energy problem ranging from generators, transformers and storage batteries, display panels, charging units to wiring and fully integrated systems from 12, 24 as well as 220/230 volts to the American 120 volts.

As boats & yachts set out into the world the proprietors and crew can rest assured that Mastervolt dealers are readily available to provide skilled service and maintenance on every continent within all the major marinas.

Yacht Chandlery Mumbai

Mastervolt offers built-in electrical systems which generate, store, convert or manage alternating as well as direct current. This is achieved by using high-class technology in digital switching and energy storage via Lithium Ion batteries, and chargers/inverters which are resourceful as well as user-friendly. West Coast Marine’s Yacht Chandlery Mumbai supplies all kinds of Mastervolt products.

All the products communicate in the equivalent language by means of the MasterBus platform which ensures that everybody working with a Mastervolt system can constantly see the correct information linked with each product in the system. System analyses are always effortless to perform regardless of whether it is onboard, on remote or at the yard. The end result is an untroubled and dependable electrical power system which makes it easier for sailors to enjoy the comforts linked with having electricity onboard devoid of any concerns.

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