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The Maldives Archipelago is among the finest Luxury Yacht Charter destinations worldwide. This scenic paradise is just waiting to be discovered. Set out on a Maldives luxury yacht charter and travel around this idyllic paradise.

Positioned in the Indian Ocean to the south-west of Sri Lanka these islands cover an area of around 300 km. Barrier reefs safeguards the islands from monsoon wreckage and rarely do major storms occur.

The Maldives archipelago comprising tiny coral islets of azure seas offer exhilarating Yacht Charter adventures. The waterways provide the finest means of transport and overhead weather is blissful with pleasant mornings, sunny days, spectacular sunsets and windy nights.

Extensive stretches of pristine white beaches are a refuge for myriad sea birds and far-reaching coral reefs are swarming with an incessant range of marine life and exotic fishes. Whale Sharks can be seen near to the surface throughout the Maldives which makes the Maldives an ideal Sailing Yacht Charter destination for people who love snorkelling regardless of the season.

Glimpse lots of Whale Sharks close to the Baa Atoll. As they are not a real hazard to humans diving among whale sharks is a preferred adventure activity in the Maldives. View other colossal fish in the region such as Napoleon Wrasse, Reef Shark, Manta Rays and huge Sea Turtles.

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Initiate your sailing yacht charter adventure holiday at Malé which is the Capital and is sited northwards among the bountiful natural archipelago of the Maldives. This is a sample itinerary for a fantastic excursion on private yachts for charter or a Luxury Sailing Yacht Charter in the Maldives.

Explore Kuda Bandos on the first day of your yacht charter holiday. Kuda Bandos is sited in Malé Atoll and is a splendid island close to the core island, Bandos. Enjoy a revitalizing dip and reef snorkelling in the cerulean lagoon.

You must visit Olhahali Island on the next day of your Yacht Holiday. This gorgeous island is located in North Malé Atoll and is a must visit spot for the Olhahali Cave. The main tourist attraction is a full-size cave which is 40 metres long and is sited at a depth of around 25 metres.

On the next day you must stopover at Dusit Thani Resort on Mudhdhoo Island within Baa Atoll. The Dusit Thani is rapidly becoming famous for regular sightings of Sea Turtles and Dolphins. The living house reef is a blissful retreat for snorkellers.

Rent a Yacht and visit Nibiligaa Island which is a blissful spot for people who desire to spend a day in the natural loveliness of Baa Atoll. Nibiligaa is among the Baa Atoll’s unpopulated islands. Situated within the Mendhoo Region are Mendhoo Island and reef, Nibiligaa Island and reef, Kaburu Faru and Mendhoobinmathee Faru.

Gemendhoo Island is among the must visit spots prior to the trip back to Malé. This gorgeous yet miniature island in Baa Atoll is a must visit place due to its spotless beaches.

Set out on a Maldives luxury yacht charter vacation for the holiday of a lifetime. Due to its scenic loveliness the Maldives is a preferred destination for an unforgettable yacht holiday.

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