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Cruising on an opulent yacht and watching the world glide by slowly is not an unfeasible dream anymore. Luxury Yacht Party in India is a fantastic way to enjoy the ultimate thrills onboard in happening destinations such as Mumbai and Goa.

A special occasion is miraculously transformed into a magical one with a Luxury Yacht Party. Get a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset along the far-reaching Konkan coastline for the experience of a lifetime.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services - Luxury Yacht Party in IndiaDifferent facets unite to create a cohesive party experience that blissfully transports the party-goers to a world of fun, excitement and gaiety.

An amalgamation of delicious food, dreamy ambiance and a truly unique setting is vital for a memorable party. Combined with great guests and stimulating conversation a luxury yacht party could be an event to cherish for life. These are the essential ingredients for a memorable experience onboard. Get India’s largest charter fleet available for Parties, Weddings and all kinds of events. Get in touch with WCM’s Yacht Charter India today.

A Luxury Yacht Party in India is the best way to spend a relaxing evening across the azure water with loved ones onboard. The far-reaching coastline in India is home to spectacular beaches, backwaters and beautiful bays.

Charter a luxury yacht to commemorate special occasions such as a Bachelorette party, Birthday party or an Anniversary. Plan an Engagement Yacht Party in India prior to starting a new life together and select a particular theme depending on the occasion. Can you think of a better way for families & relatives to become better acquainted on your special day?

West Coast Marine Yacht Services - Yacht Party in IndiaReserving a luxury yacht for a party is surprisingly affordable. Cruise along the harbour or simply anchor the vessel offshore. Exclusivity is wonderfully combined with a multi-tiered platform on which guests can eat, drink and make merry. Take in the breathtaking vistas of the city, sky and infinite sea on a Luxury Yacht Party in India.

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