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With an extensive coastline India is a glorious destination for a yacht charter holiday. Experience the ultimate luxury and comfort when you set sail on a vacation with Luxury Yachts in India.

Luxury Yacht Charters in India can also be availed for corporate vacations. There are two types of yacht charters namely bareboat and crewed. Bareboat charter involves chartering a boat to the customer however the yacht is managed by the proprietor. A crewed charter includes a professional crew to cater to the requirements of the guests onboard.

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Prior to planning a holiday with Luxury Yachts in India, consider the number of people you wish to invite onboard and select the luxury yacht accordingly. Decide on the number of berths or cabins and if you need a skipper or full crew. The crew`s sailing capabilities is an important consideration.

Chartering a luxury yacht to celebrate special occasions creates a favourable impression. This can also include a delectable menu as per the culinary requirements of your guests. Take into consideration the cost of chartering a yacht along with add-ons such as fuel and food & beverages.

Superb service goes hand in hand with the high cost of a luxury yacht rental. Look forward to an unforgettable experience from the moment you step onboard with your guests to the moment you go ashore.

Explore unchartered destinations such as Mandwa beach near Mumbai. Enjoy a day of thrilling water sports with friends.

Check the condition of the yacht prior to chartering it to ensure that it is well-maintained. Safety is the foremost priority particularly if your guests are not used to being onboard. Ensure that life saving equipment is onboard as well.

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From Mumbai the best sailing route is towards the blissful beach paradise of Goa. The most favourable sailing season in India extends from October to May.

A holiday at sea is undoubtedly among life’s greatest escapes. Can you think of anything more relaxing than a getaway with Luxury Yacht Charter in India with friends and family?

West Coast Marine’s – Yacht Charters India division is the leading & largest source of crewed yachts and boats for hire available in Mumbai and Goa.

Whether large motor yacht charters, sailing catamarans or monohull sailboats; West Coat Marine Yacht Charters takes care of complete Onboard Services & F&B for private and corporate events. Explore yourself what this wonderful experience is all about. Welcome Onboard!

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