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The history of a dhow dates back to a traditional Arab sailing vesselwith one or more lateen sails. Even to the present day, dhows make commercial journeys between the Persian Gulfand East Africa using sails as their only means of propulsion. For celestial navigation, dhow sailors have always traditionally used the kamal. Our esteemed charter fleet includes the Lateen Sail which is blended with the archaic, ethnic design with that of today’s modern technology adorns her beauty. A splendid and rejuvenating evening can be experienced by moving around the harbor and enjoying the beautiful dissolving sun in the shimmering waters of Mumbai harbor. She is the beauty that stands with a great panache and poise and is available for charter with us. To enjoy and reminisce your date, party while cruising around the harbor, this elegant beauty would be the right choice for you and we wish you a Bon Voyage.