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On a Lakshadweep Yacht Charter holiday you will see that the islands appear as emeralds in the infinite vastness of the blue sea. Shifting hues of turquoise semi-transparent water enclose them. In this blissful paradise you will be enthralled by the coral reef, the unparalleled aquatic surroundings with a multitude of colours which leads to a complex contact between living and inanimate beings. Charter a luxury yacht and leisurely explore this scenic paradise.

The Lakshadweep islands literally translate to a hundred thousand islands. It is built on very old volcanic formations and is India’s smallest Union Territory. The atolls are perched on submarine banks and harbour around 36 islands. Of these islands only 10 islands are populated namely Amini, Agatti, Chetlat, Andrott, Kadmat, Bitra, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy and Kiltan.

On a sailing Yacht Holiday you can leisurely travel around these gorgeous islands bordered by pristine coral sands. The islands are discernible via a gigantic and tranquil lagoon on one side which divides it from the incoming swells of the sea by the fort wall-reef made of live corals and colossal coral boulders.

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Kalpeni is well-known for its scenic loveliness along with the small islets namely Pitti and Tilakkam and an unoccupied island resting on the north called Cheriyam. A massive shallow lagoon surrounds the islets. Kalpeni atoll is a fantastic place to explore mainly due to the massive storm bank of coral debris down the south-eastern and eastern shorelines. Enjoy exciting activities on this island such as reef-walking, swimming or indulge in water sports on Sailboats, kayaks and pedal boats.

Kavaratti is another scenic island you must explore on your Lakshadweep Luxury Yacht Charter holiday. The beautiful tranquil lagoons are perfect for swimming, water sports and basking on the warm sandy beaches. Visit the marine aquarium for stunning Marine life exhibits along with an excellent range of specimens. View the exotic underwater world through glass bottomed boats for an inimitable experience. Alternate ways of exploring this scenic spot are sailing Yachts for Charter and hire kayaks. For water sports aficionados a trip to The Dolphin Drive Centre is a must.

Other than the gorgeous shallow lagoon on the west which forms a perfect spot for water sports Kadmath also has a narrow lagoon lying on the east. The best sights are the tiny sand banks lying on the southern tip ideal for sun baths and the extensive sandy beaches. Kadmath is the perfect place for a yacht holiday away from the maddening chaos of city life. Set out on a thrilling journey on pedal boats, kayaks, skiing boats, Sailing Boats and glass bottomed boats. For water-sport aficionados the scuba diving centre within the island is an added attraction.

Minicoy is Lakshadweep’s southern most island which is crescent shaped. Here you will find one of the biggest lagoons. Minicoy is delineated from the Northern group of islands through its culture. Minicoy is an important hub of tuna fishing. Charter a luxury yacht and explore the picturesque Lakshadweep islands. Take an unforgettable yacht holiday in paradise off India’s exquisite western Malabar Coast.

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