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Stylish Gill Marine Gear – Yacht Chandlery Supplies and Products in India

Designing effective marine gear begins with an understanding of the initial requirements. At Gill, the process is initiated with a group of sailors of different levels up to Olympic medallists and Volvo Ocean Race Winners who meet and go through their kit bags. The marine gear range is then designed by Gill to their exact specifications and in case of any prototypes, Gill asks the sailors to assess the products for them. The wide-ranging in-house in addition to independent lab testing programme adds an extra level of assurance that the products will surely do their job. Gill does all this to ensure that you can totally trust each and every Gill product to accomplish what it is meant to and often a whole lot more.
Gill’s Motto: Respect the Elements

Gill is unique as it is a company which is dedicated to designing ultra-technical sailing attire for Dinghy, Cruising and Power Boating as well as Yachting. Stay comfortable regardless of the weather conditions in waterproof sailing attire as well as sailing equipment.

Gill designs the marine gear such as sailing jackets, boots, gloves or tops in accordance with the requirements of sailors. To ensure optimum performance of the sailing kit everything is tested in the lab and on the water. Their motto is simply to design the finest Sailing Clothing worldwide.

All Gill products are accompanied with the “Gill Guarantee” which ensures that you can rely on a Gill product to perform when you require it to. The Guarantee also covers against all the defects in material as well as workmanship. If the product is found to be defective after inspection (apart from the usual wear & tear) it will be repaired or else replaced at their discretion, without any charge.

For additional information kindly contact the customer service department and Gill’s experts will surely respond as soon as possible.

You can also go in for the Gill product care range if you feel that your product necessitates added care and attention. This is the sole Marine specific range of aftercare products which will surely aid you to care for your gear. The Gill product care range aims to restore and renew your marine garments to ensure that they last longer.

The extraordinary range has been developed and tested specially for use on marine garments. It includes an Intensive Spot Cleaner which is handy if you wish to remove stubborn dirt like oil and grease as well as a Wash-in Cleaner for use on all Gill windproof, waterproof and wicking fabrics along with a Reproofing Spray to produce an oil, water, salt and stain repellent finish to any material without creating an impact on its breathability.

Acquire this range at the earliest as Gill marine gear & the product care range is an indispensable addition to a sailor’s kit bag.


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