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Get set for an impressive Corporate Yacht Party held on a luxury yacht in Mumbai. The attentive crew, first-rate catering and fantastic event facilities will surely leave you spellbound.

It is a fact that corporate meetings are more creative and productive in a unique environment. Important clients will surely feel valued and your staff will feel adequately rewarded aboard an opulent yacht!

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Corporate Yacht Party in MumbaiFor a successful yacht party, in-depth background knowledge of the event is absolutely essential. Added important factors include awareness of the pertinent port regulations and processes in addition to an understanding of the yacht you wish to charter in Mumbai as per your requirements.

Do you wish to portray a flamboyant or classic image? Do you require to be moored at the wharf or will a floating party at anchor be sufficient?

For a successful party, determine the number of guests you wish to entertain onboard. This will assist you to select the right boat as per your precise requirements.

Cruise around the beautiful Mumbai harbour and soak up the scenic surroundings. Opt for a cruise for a few hours if you do not wish to rent the yacht for a full day.

Corporate Yacht Party in Mumbai is in great demand year after year. This serves to rekindle friendships and build important business relationships.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Yacht Party in MumbaiPlan your next event aboard a yacht and make your client getaway, yearly awards banquet or any other special event a cherished affair to remember eternally.

Replace the tried-and-tested venues such as a hotel or resort with a luxury yacht. See the results as your colleagues compliment you on the most marvellous event of their lives.

Sailing yachts are simply superlative for company team building. Can you think of a better way to work together with your staff than a sail through a course? Celebrate the achievement with a glass of bubbly afterwards.

Lots of clients prefer to stage a race between two or more yachts for the ultimate thrills. The captains will issue instructions, assign tasks and monitor the progress of the teams. Your team will experience the most memorable day ever and this in turn will surely create a favourable outcome for your company. Get India’s largest charter fleet available for Parties, Weddings and all kinds of events. Get in touch with Yacht Charter India today.

A Corporate Yacht Party improves relationships, helps employees to know more about their and each other’s strengths and weaknesses and pass on transferable skills for work associated tasks in the near future.

West Coast Marine - Yacht Charter IndiaA yacht charter does not necessarily have to be a week long one to create an impression. In fact, simply a day will suffice!

Charter a well-appointed yacht and get employees out of the office in spectacular surroundings. This is the best way for the workforce to get creative and motivated and enjoy a memorable day out on the water.

West Coast Marine’s – Yacht Charters India division is the leading & largest source of crewed yachts and boats for hire available in Mumbai and Goa.

Whether large motor yacht charters, sailing catamarans or monohull sailboats; West Coat Marine Yacht Charters takes care of complete Onboard Services & F&B for private and corporate events. Explore yourself what this wonderful experience is all about. Welcome Onboard!

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