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For a slice of paradise, set out on a Maldives Luxury Yacht Charter holiday and prepare to be enthralled by the dazzling turquoise waters, isolated white sandy beaches and amazing marine life bursting with different colours.

Located 400 miles to the south of India within the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are an islet of around 1100 islands. 87 of these islands are special resort islands whereas 202 islands are populated. These islands create an incredible sailing area, with infinite diving spots and isolated anchorages.

The Maldives is a fascinating Yacht Charter destination with noticeable coral reefs. This reef is made of living coral and coral remains which are a natural obstruction against the sea. The barrier reefs shield the islands from the Indian Ocean’s high waves and blizzards.

The Indian Ocean has a considerable influence on the country’s weather. It acts as a heat barrier and absorbs, stores and gradually discharges the tropical heat. The heat is also eased by the cool sea breeze.

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You can avail a diverse range of yacht charter options in the Maldives; however most people usually opt for luxury yacht charter or Catamarans for an enjoyable sailing holiday. Lots of people opt for Maldives luxury yacht charter to commemorate special occasions such as an Anniversary, Honeymoon and other special events.

Catamarans are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for Sailing Boats as they are ideal for exploring the gorgeous coral reefs. These vessels provide easy admittance to the water and their low draft ensures that they are ideal for travelling around the Maldives.

If you are searching for an amazing diversity of marine life, perfect weather and an idyllic getaway spot, there isn’t a better alternative than the Maldives.

Sublime weather conditions and the beautiful islands also make the Maldives an ideal, and gradually more visited, destination for a memorable honeymoon charter. Set out on a crewed Yacht charter and anticipate a sailing holiday where you can simply indulge. You will be offered everything you envisaged on the perfect honeymoon.

Savour inimitable cuisine on a Maldives Yacht Charter holiday. Maldivian cuisine caters to an extensive range of culinary tastes and almost always, food preparation takes place using local ingredients. As it is an archipelago, unsurprisingly a wide range of seafood and fish like trevallies, tuna and barracuda form an integral constituent of the Maldivian cuisine. You can also sample beverages and local wines on your vacation. The cuisine in Maldives is an exotic blend of flavours from sweet, spicy, hot to mild. You must sample the local dessert of tropical fruits on your yacht charter holiday.

The Maldives is a blissful destination for an Indian Ocean yacht charter holiday. Contact us for a dreamy luxury yacht charter holiday.

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